Places of Interest

Tours can take in a variety of locations around Belfast, including:

Places of Interest

  • Shankill Road Mural

  • Falls Road Mural

  • Belfast Peace Walls

  • Crumlin Road Gaol

  • Court House

Fascinating Political Mural and Peace Wall Tours in Belfast and Northern Ireland

Discover some of the monuments of Belfast’s recent history with a Political Mural and Peace Wall tour from Scenic Tours NI. 

These tours will help you see how the city is healing and trying to come to terms with the past 50 years of conflict, in places of interest ranging from the Shankhill Road, the Falls Road, and the famous Crumlin Road Gaol, these murals and memorials provide a lasting memento of the period in Northern Ireland’s history known as the "Troubles". 

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Remembering the Troubles

Providing political mural and peace wall tours, Scenic Tours NI offers an unforgettable insight into Belfast’s recent history.

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