See the World of Game Of Thrones on our Village and Countryside Tours of Northern Ireland

Take a closer look at the beautiful locations seen in the hit HBO series Game Of Thrones on our village and countryside tours. Heading south from Belfast, you’ll witness the majesty of popular attractions such as Castle Ward and Inch Abbey. Covering a variety of the series’ most breathtaking vistas, our tour puts you right in the world of Westeros. Get in touch with Scenic Tours NI in Belfast today for further details.


Our Game Of Thrones South tours take in a variety of locations, including:

Game Of Thrones South

  • The Beautiful Coast of Strangford Lough, up to Portaferry

  • Castle Ward, via a Ferry across Strangfyorthe (the Strong Fjord)

  • Featured as Winterfell, Home of the Starks

Audley’s Castle (Oxcross Battle)

  • Audley’s Castle (Oxcross Battle)

  • Inch Abbey

Featured as the Whispering Woods

  • Featured as the Whispering Woods

Scrabo Tower

  • Scrabo Tower

Featured in the Filming of 2014’s Dracula Untold

  • Featured in the Filming of 2014’s Dracula Untold

Breathtaking Scenery

The coast of Strangford Lough offers unparalleled views of Audleys Castle From Portaferry, and on a clear day, from Scrabo Tower, you’ll get a magnificent view over County Down, Strangford Lough, The Mourne Mountains, and you can even see the Isle of Man in the distance. Our tour offers all these sights and more, returning in plenty of time for you to depart after enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

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My village and countryside tour covers a wide array of locations from HBO’s Game Of Thrones.

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